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Ocean Blue Project

While Covid has resulted in carbon emissions being reduced by more than 4% and significantly improved air quality in some places, it hasn’t had the same positive effect on our oceans. Increased use of non-recyclable materials, like take-out containers, masks, and gloves, has resulted in 30% more waste entering our oceans.

For us, this means that local and community efforts to save our environment are more important than ever. At MITA, we seek out every opportunity to make a positive impact, from using eco-friendly materials in our products, to partnering with organizations making a difference. In that spirit, MITA is increasing our standard donation to the Ocean Blue Project from 2% to 5% of the proceeds from all sales in November and December.

The Ocean Blue Project is a grassroots community non-profit organization that cares deeply about the protection of our environment. Their mission is to rehabilitate and conserve the world’s oceans, beaches, and rivers through beach and river cleanups, solutions to keep pollutants from entering ecosystems, collaborative community-driven service learning projects, and youth education.

Normally, we donate 2% of our profits to this amazing organization, but we felt it was important to show even more support this Thanksgiving season and we hope you’ll help us – every frame counts! Each purchase brings us closer to our 1 Million Bottle Challenge. We owe it to mother earth; we have to help her heal.

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