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At MITA Eyewear, we
tread lightly on the

We believe in doing good by you, and for the planet, too. That’s why all of our eco-friendly fashion glasses are transformed from recycled water bottle sand other materials that otherwise would have entered our landfills. By upcycling what some would consider waste, we’ve created a pair of high-quality and eco-friendly eyewear that looks as good as they feel to wear.

Shop eco-friendly fashion glasses made from recycled water bottles. At MITA Eyewear, we have a simple mission: to solve the low recycling rates that exist across the globe, and create beautiful, designer-inspired fashion-forward eyewear along the way.


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Our Commitment



Optic For Good is the first eco-responsible label in optical-eyewear. It supports brands and opticians comitted in ethical and environmentally friendly approaches.

MITA Retains 'Optic For Good' Certification in 2023

MITA, a pioneering force in the optical industry, secures the esteemed 'Optic For Good' certification once again in 2023, reaffirming its steadfast commitment to sustainability and ethical practices in optical-eyewear manufacturing. This prestigious accolade recognizes MITA's continued dedication to environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing, solidifying its position as a leader in fostering a more eco-conscious future for the industry.


The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of Recycled Content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The goal of the GRS is to increase use of Recycled materials in products and reduce/eliminate the harm caused by its production.


The B Corp Certification serves as evidence that a company upholds rigorous criteria in performance, responsibility, and openness across various aspects such as employee welfare, philanthropy, sourcing, and operational practices. Read more about it here.



The NOW Pavilion at Vision Expo East 2023 featured a curated selection of frames and lenses that embody the latest trends and innovations in eyewear. Our style BOCA won the NOW Best Sunglass Award: Under $250 retail category.


The CSE (Certified Sustainable Eyewear) Award is a prize established by MIDO, to honor sustainability in the global eyewear industry. Recycled materials and reduced consumption in the production and distribution processes are just some of the criteria the jury used to determine MITA as the 1st Place winner of the Sunglasses category for BOCA.



Clean Miami Beach is a non-profit organization founded by Miami Beach resident Sophie Ringel. Their mission is to keep our community and natural habitats free of garbage with a focus on single-use plastics. We donate 2% ofour website sales to this NGO, and we attend a few cleanups yearly with our team.


Tree Nation is an NGO that allows citizens andcompanies to plant trees all around the world and offset CO2 emissions. They use technology to make tree planting easy and provide support, advice and solutions to citizens and companies to help them transition towards a sustainable future.See our forest here.

Our Process

Let’s reshape the future of eyewear.
Here's some of the little things that make a big difference in our sustainable eyewear.


All of our eyewear, cleaning cloths, and cases are made from recycled materials.


Our eyewear is designed with durable material through our innovative upcycling process.

UV Protection

Our high-quality sunglasses have 100% UVA and UVB protection.


It takes 5 recycled bottles to make one pair of eyewear.


All of our eyewear, cleaning cloths, and cases are made from recycled materials.


The most environmentally friendly metal and can be recycled without any degradation.

What sets MITA apart
  • Made with eco-friendly, sustainable, recycled & recyclable material, from recycled water bottles, recyclable aluminum and titanium, to sustainable lenses and nose pads.
  • Our packaging is also made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, from biodegradable poly bags to recycled polyester pouches and cleaning cloths, and FCS paper bags.
  • We use the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to make beautiful frames that will be treasured for a lifetime.
  • Our offering provides a wide variety of designs, temple shapes, lenses, colors, and prints - keeping in touch and updated with current fashion trends.
  • MITA is committed to giving back to the community, providing work by hiring collectors of plastic and waste in local communities to provide for their families.
  • Produced offsetting an 80% smaller carbon footprint, and each product sold plants a tree in an effort to reach carbon neutrality.
  • Through our Recycling Program, we encourage customers to return frames at the end of their life cycle to receive 25% off their new pair.
Recycled Plastic Bottles

At MITA, we are passionate about making a positive impact on sustainability through our upcycling process, which repurposes RPET water bottles to create high-quality stylish eyewear, saving them from littering our oceans. Through our “Reshape” philosophy, we’re pioneering the use of sustainable materials in eyewear.

How it works:
Each pair of our glasses COMES from five recycled water bottles.


At a recycling facility, plastic bottles are sorted, washed, and chopped into flakes.


Next, the clean, FDA-approved flakes are blended, melted, and turned into pre-recycle granules.


Now, you have rPET–this is the raw material that forms the basis of sustainable frames.


We reshape the upcycled plastic material and work our magic to produce eco-friendly, fashionable eyewear.

Recyclable Metalas

We use recyclable Aluminum & Titanium in our frames for the same reasons it is used for everything from planes to iPhones – it’s lightweight, resistant to corrosion, hypo-allergenic, and can be curved, bent, and welded to any shape. But, most importantly for us, Aluminum is the most environmentally friendly metal on earth. This is why it’s called the “green metal”.

About our Recyclable Metals
Why we chose recyclable aluminum & titanium to go into your favorite lightweight frames.


You'll barely feel your frames in your face.They can be comfortably worn for long hours


Our metals are hypoallergenic, ideal for people whose skin aresensitive to certain materials.


Rust-resistant, and designed to last, we chose recyclable aluminum & titanium for their durability.


This material can be curved and bent into any shape, and recycled multiple times without degradation.

Sustainable Lenses

All of MITA’s eyewear - from our sunglasses to our optical styles - are made with sustainable lenses. Our optical styles come with sustainable blue block lens technology that reduce the risks associated with everyday exposure to harmful blue rays emitted from LED screens. Our sunglasses are available in a stylish selection of colors and tinted lenses to fit your unique style and protect your eyes with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Together, let’s clear the ocean from plastic pollution. We use 5 recycled bottles to create 1 cool pairof sunglasses.

Our Impact

Our Founders

After working for conglomerates in the eyewear & fashion industry for over 25 years, our founders decided to create their own brand, MITA Eyewear, to reshape the eyewear industry. They believe that the process toward a sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion industry is behind schedule, and now is the time to take charge.

A proven sales management expert in the development of Luxury and Fashion eyewear in the always-changing Latin markets. Fabio Ferracane, our Chief Executive Officer, has established an impeccable career over his over 15 years of experience in the Eyewear Industry.

Recognized as a product development expert. Nora Cabrera, our Chief Creative Officer, is highly successful and experienced with over 25 years of accomplishments creating and manufacturing exclusive eyewear collections.

The Growing Problem

The UK used 7.7 billion plastic water bottles last year. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.

Recycling rates are low.

The Solution

For a better future, we are transforming and upcycling plastic water bottles into high quality, lightweight and eco-friendly eyewear.














Join Us!

We are 100% committed to doing good in the world. Join the 1 million bottle challenge now, and make a difference.


Bottles recycled now


Help us reach our goal!

Together, we can work toward reducing the carbon footprint by upcycling billions of plastic bottles to prevent pollution and other harmful environmental effects. Find out how this challenge can benefit your business, consumers, and the future generation.

Make the world better

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