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At MITA Eyewear, we tread lightly on the planet.

Shop eco-friendly fashion glasses made from recycled water bottles. At MITA Eyewear, we have a simple mission: to solve the low recycling rates that exist across the globe, and create beautiful, designer-inspired fashion-forward eyewear along the way.

in the USA
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Each of our sustainably made eyewear frames are made from five plastic water bottles to reduce waste from our landfills and create a closed production loop for conscious fashion consumers just like you.

Our core beliefs.

We believe in doing good by you, and for the planet, too. That’s why all of our eco-friendly fashion glasses are transformed from recycled water bottles and other materials that otherwise would have entered our landfills. By upcycling what some would consider waste, we’ve created a pair of high-quality and eco-friendly eyewear that looks as good as they feel to wear.

Let’s reshape the future of eyewear.

Here’s some of the little things that make a big difference in our sustainable eyewear.


All of our eyewear, cleaning cloths, and cases are made from recycled materials.


It takes 5 recycled bottles to make one pair of eyewear.

UV Protection

Our high-quality sunglasses have 100% UVA and UVB protection.


Our eyewear is designed with durable material through our innovative upcycling process.


All our optical lenses are sustainable and include blue light blocking technology.


The most environmentally friendly metal and can be recycled without any degradation.

We use food grade PET water bottles and upcycle them for our collection.

rPET: How it Works

We create each pair of our plastic eco-friendly fashion glasses from five recycled water bottles. Here’s how we do it.


Your glasses made from recycled water bottles begin their journey at a recycling facility. Here, plastic bottles are sorted, washed, and chopped into flakes.


Next, the clean, FDA-approved flakes are blended, melted, and turned into pre-recycle granules.


Now, you have rPET– and our production facility can get started. This is the raw material that forms the basis of sustainable frames.

3D model

Now that we have our materials, our professional design team creates 3D drawings for our latest styles and Italian-inspired designs.


We reshape the upcycled plastic material and work our magic to produce eco-friendly, fashionable eyewear that looks as good as it feels to wear.


What started as five plastic bottles is now a pair of stylish and sustainable designer eyewear. It’s amazing what our innovative tech can do.

Together, let’s clear the ocean from plastic pollution. We use 5 recycled bottles to create 1 cool pair of sunglasses.

5 bottles = 1 x Eyewear

2 bottles = 4 x hard cases or 4 x soft pouches

1 bottle = 4 x cleaning clothes

Aluminum: How it works

We also produce eco-friendly fashion eyewear from recycling aluminum into your favorite lightweight frames.


We source aluminum from recycling facilities which is then sorted and cleaned.


Next, the cleaned aluminum is then crushed into more dense pieces.


These crushed aluminum pieces are melted and flattened into sheets.


Our expert designers dream up new, beautiful styles of sustainable eyewear.


These designs and the recycled aluminum are combined into frames and our innovative lenses are added.


Our recycled aluminum eyewear is shipped out and ready to accessorize with.

Our philanthropic efforts

We use food-grade PET water bottles and upcycle them for our collection of sustainable eyewear. But our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. At MITA Eyewear, we’re committed to partnering with organizations that share our values and do good for the planet. That’s 2% of our profits go to the philanthropic organization of your choice: PurelyBlu or Clean Miami Beach. 

The future starts here.

Together, let’s clear the ocean from plastic pollution, one pair of eco-friendly fashion glasses at a time. Explore sustainable eyewear today and tread lightly on the planet today.

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