This eyewear is made from recycled water bottles.

We are upcycling water bottles into eyewear. Our mission is to play a significant part in solving the low recycling rates that exist in both the USA & Europe:

in the USA
in Europe
Our core beliefs.

We believe in upcycling, or the process of reusing materials to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

We do this by transforming water bottles into wearable, high-quality, lightweight, and eco-friendly eyewear.

We’re reshaping the future of eyewear.


All of our eyewear, cleaning cloths, and cases are made from recycled material.


It takes 5 recycled bottles to make one eyewear.

UV Protection

Our high-quality sunglasses biodegradable and have 100 % UVA/UVB protection.


Our eyewear is designed with durable material through our innovative upcycling process.


All lenses used on our optical styles are biodegradable

We use food grade PET water bottles and upcycle them for our collection.

5 recycled bottles = 1 eco eyewear

In the recycling facility, plastic bottles are sorted, washed, and chopped into flakes.


The clean flakes are blended, melted, and turned into pre-recycle granules.


These chips enter our facilities and are transformed into raw material of rPET.

3D model

Our professional team provides 3D drawings in competitive development lead time.


We reshape the original material and work our magic to produce sustainable and fashionable eyewear for all.


After a long and complicated process, our “Reshape” frames are available to be worn in style.

Together, let’s clear the ocean from plastic pollution. We use 5 recycled bottles to create 1 cool pair of sunglasses.

5 bottles = 1 x Eyewear

2 bottles = 4 x hard cases or 4 x soft pouches

1 bottle = 4 x cleaning clothes

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