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Plastic Frame Sunglasses

These are no ordinary plastic sunglasses; they’re made from a particular recycled plastic called rPET. You may be aware of PET plastics because they’re some of the most widely used plastics, but they often end up in our oceans or landfills. MITA takes these plastics and transforms them into high-quality and lightweight rPET (or recycled PET), which is then used in the creation of our sunglasses. Try a pair of our plastic frame sunglasses in an array of high-fashion designs and multiple color options!

From Bottles to Beautiful

At MITA, we pride ourselves on our contributions to making the environment cleaner by using recycled materials in production. For every five water bottles recycled, one pair of plastic frame glasses are made. We also use two bottles to make one eyewear case or four soft pouches, and one bottle to create a cleaning cloth. Our mission is to increase the low recycling rates across the world by continuing to upcycle bottles into sunglasses made from ocean plastics. This far, we have removed over 250 thousand water bottles from the environment. Learn more.

Our Products Are Top Notch

MITA is always pushing the boundaries of the fashion eyeglasses industry with our ethically sourced designer eyewear. Our plastic frame sunglasses made from rPET are highly durable and their lenses and nosepads are sustainably made, too. The lenses provide UVA/UVB protection, shielding your eyes from potential light damage. MITA will always be looking for new ways to elevate the level of sustainability we can reach in the production of plastic sunglasses.

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