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Give Your Eyes A Break (with Blue Light Lens Technology)

In our combined 30 years of experience in the eyewear industry, one of the most exciting new trends we’ve seen is surprisingly not a fashion trend, but a technology trend! Blue Light blocking lens technology has become tremendously popular this year, as working from home and remote learning have necessitated an increased reliance on screens. If you’re reading this on your phone or tablet, you’re looking at a screen emitting Blue Light waves right now.

So, what is Blue Light blocking lens technology?

Our eyes are exposed to Blue Light wavelengths every day – both naturally from the sun, and artificially from digital screens, like computers, tablets and phones. Unlike UV light waves, however, our eyes do not naturally block Blue Light waves from reaching our retina. Filtering Blue Light waves is a lot of work for the muscles in your eyes, and prolonged exposure has been shown to contribute to eye strain and headaches, disrupting sleep patterns and adding unneeded stress in an already stressful time.

Additionally, your brain instinctively interprets artificial Blue Light from screens as natural Blue Light from the sun, causing your body to think it’s daytime and making it difficult to transition from screen time to bedtime. Even if you dim the lights at night, signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep, the Blue Light from your phone or tablet can confuse your system and disrupt your sleep patterns.

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Technology.

For many, this year has dramatically increased the time we spend in front of our screens, whether for remote work, remote learning or just connecting with friends for a Zoom happy hour. Blue Light blocking lens technology blocks those harmful wavelengths radiating from our digital devices, reducing the strain and discomfort that come from long stretches in front of a screen.

By blocking these uncomfortable wavelengths with special lenses, you give your eye muscles a break from the work they do to filter them whenever you’re looking at a screen. Furthermore, research shows that wearing light filtering glasses while looking at screens at night can contribute to better sleep.

The MITA Collection

Glasses can do more than just improve vision – they can also help regulate sleep patterns and reduce stress. Our minimalistic clear Blue Light blocking lenses come with most of the optical frames in our collection and are indistinguishable from standard glasses lenses. They’re perfect for long Zoom meetings or online classes.

The eco-friendly MITA Eyewear Collection also provides the comfort of knowing each pair is made up of 99% recycled material. If you’re like us, nothing helps you sleep better than knowing you’ve made a positive impact on the environment! And make sure to join the #1millionbottlechallenge.

Check out our optical collection and try on a few pairs now using our virtual try-on technology.

Let’s keep in touch, you can also find us on Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, for the latest updates in our industry. See you there.

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