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Blue Light Glasses Benefits You Need to Know

In recent years, the use of blue light glasses has become more and more prevalent, but why exactly is that?

With the major shift from in-office work to work from home, so many companies are now conducting all of their business over Zoom calls and email. These jobs now require full-time computer status, putting a considerable increase on the amount of blue light intake from screens for employees. If this sounds like you, then you understand the familiar feeling of blurry, dry eyes at the end of your work day, and maybe even the occasional headache. Wearing a pair of blue light glasses benefits you by giving your eyes protection from blue light overexposure. 

So, What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is a high energy visible (HEV) light that, unlike other kinds of light, the human eyes are unable to filter. This means that blue light passes directly to the retina, and in a moderated amount, blue light can be good for you. On the flip side, though, too much exposure can lead to disrupted sleep patterns, excess eye strain, and even headaches. Light filtering glasses are designed to reduce those negative side effects of blue light on your eyes by blocking HEV light while looking at LED screens. Here are a few ways wearing our blue light blocking glasses benefits you.

Blue Light Glasses Can Improve Your Sleep

Blue light glasses in the sun

Even though our screens are notoriously linked to blue light, the sun actually emits the most blue light that we come in contact with. Unlike our screens though, the blue light from the sun helps our body regulate melatonin levels and maintain a healthy circadian rhythm—aka a healthy sleep cycle. When the sun sets and our eyes are no longer processing blue light, our bodies naturally release melatonin, which tells our brains that it’s time to sleep. A number of studies have shown that looking at screens which emit blue light before bed can potentially postpone the natural release of melatonin in our bodies and throw off our circadian rhythm. 

Limiting the amount of blue light you take in before bed can actually increase the amount of sleep you get and keep you on a more regular sleep schedule. If you absolutely have to scroll through social media before bed, throw on some blue light glasses to benefit and protect your eyes. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Benefit Eye Health

Staring at screens for extended periods of time tends to add stress to the eyes, and unfortunately, our screen time as a society only continues to grow. Common eye discomforts include dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision. Increased research on the subject shows connections between our intake of blue light and damage to our retinas which can cause macular degeneration and other forms of blindness. Since our eyes are not adept at blocking blue light by themselves, blue light glasses have benefits like decreasing the strain on your eyes and preventing the degeneration of your retinas. 

Find Your Favorite Frames at MITA

If you have worn blue light glasses before, these benefits won’t surprise you, but if you haven’t then we recommend getting a pair and seeing how better your eyes feel after a day in front of your computer. At MITA, we pair the science of blue light blocking lenses with sustainable design to craft one of a kind frames so you can stay stylish and protected. All our optical styles offer blue light blocking protection with their demo lenses or add your prescription for safety and clarity!

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