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Our Commitment

Every brand has cornerstones that guide them in developing their products and their relationship with their customers. At MITA, we’ve had a simple, three-part commitment that has shaped our philosophy at every step in our journey: fashion, sustainability, and our customers


The name MITA is itself a synthesis of our two guiding influences, the vibrant, eclectic multi-culturalism of Miami and the craftsmanship and artistry of Italy. Based amongst the historic and influential Wynwood Walls in Miami, we seek to create the kind of exciting new styles we want to see in our community, but with the dedication to quality and perfection that Italy has set the standard for in fashion.


All of our eyewear is made from 99% recyclable materials, like rPET plastic water bottles and recycled aluminum, utilizing our Reshape philosophy. While studies have shown that people are willing to pay more for eco-friendly versions of most products, being a truly sustainable brand takes more than that. Sustainability is a factor in every decision we make, from design to manufacturing, all the way through to our packaging. Yes, we organize local volunteer efforts in Miami, and we contribute part of our proceeds to eco-friendly initiatives year-round. We even introduced a #1MillionBottleChallenge last year as a way to get our customers participating. But, more than that, our commitment to protecting our planet informed the framework and conceptualization of MITA from day one. Before we even decided on a name, our dedication to sustainable fashion was our guiding light.


We’re always thinking of ways to make the customer experience better:

    • We introduced Pay With Four last year to make it easy to split up payments over time without interest.
    • When the pandemic hit and we realized in-person shopping would not be possible for some time, we offered free shipping and immediately put all of our effort into perfecting our Virtual Try-On Tool. Now, our customers can try on every frame as many times as they want using their phone from the comfort of their home, the car, or even the beach!
    • If it doesn’t feel the same in-person, they can exchange or return for a full refund within 30 days of delivery. 
    • Our social media channels provide fashion pairing tips and suggest styles for everything from seasons, to regions, to specific face shapes.
    • We post regular blogs on our website to highlight sustainable efforts and organize local community volunteer events.

It takes community involvement to truly make a lasting impact. To that effort, we take the time to educate our customers, both on the sustainable aspects of our products, and on things they can do to protect the environment as individuals (and keep them up to date on fashion trends). It’s a way for us to keep in touch and build the sort of community that can truly make a difference. I think I can speak for everyone at MITA when I say that we truly get as much joy from seeing our customers feel stylish in our eyewear as we do when they tell us they started using reusable straws!

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