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Resolutions for a Sustainable 2022

It’s that time again - time to set all sorts of resolutions for who we will be in the coming year and beyond. For eco-minded resolution-ers, it can be overwhelming to choose goals that will make a real difference against climate change without falling victim to claims that are too good to be true. 
Looking for ways to minimize your environmental impact but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some ideas for sustainable New Year’s Resolutions to get you going!

#SustainableResolution Nº1: Curate a minimal capsule wardrobe that will allow you to reduce the number of clothes in your closet. And make sure to add a pair of MITA to the mix! 😉  Here are some great tips on how to do so. 

#SustainableResolution Nº2: Refuse single-use plastic at all costs. Instead, embrace upcycled products, like our frames, made from upcycled water bottles and recycled - and recyclable - aluminum. 

#SustainableResolution Nº3: Advocate for change. Make sure your friends and family are always in the know, so they can live greener and #ShopSustainably.

#SustainableResolution Nº4: Embrace minimalism. Live and shop consciously – not acquiring more than you need, and being aware of the consequences of all of your purchases. We promise it's liberating! ♻️

This year, make sure to take small steps to educate yourself on how to live a more mindful, eco-conscious lifestyle. We can’t wait to work alongside you to make a better planet for the generations to come.

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